Iraq Pipeline project….all 12,000 metres of it

November 12, 2012

Soaring desert temperatures and religious holidays didn't prevent Redcliffe delivering 12,000 metres of ductile iron pipeline to Iraq's developing infrastructure

“Trials and tribulations” come to mind, however the Redcliffe project team (Frankie France, Trevor Tucker and Dave Shaw) assisted by their Lebanese agents, succeeded in the management of 22,500m3 of ductile iron pipe shipped from Banaquan port in north eastern China to Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

The shipment was made by sea through the port of Umm Qaser Iraq and following local customs clearance also under our management, delivery was made to the job site, the Governorate of Kirkuk’s nominated warehouse – a truck journey of some 550 miles.  Throughout the delivery phase we had 3 operational teams in place in Iraq to support the project operation, located in Umm Qaser, Kirkuk and Basra.  A total of 355 trucks were contracted by us during a direct discharge operation ex ship to our transport over a 10 day port operation. A staggering 195,000 truck miles under often inhospitable and dangerous conditions.

Awaiting inspection at security area

If  temperatures in excess of 50 degrees C were not a sufficient challenge for us, then having the charter vessel arrive in the middle of the religious festival of Ramadan and 3 national holidays declared in Iraq when temperatures reached 60 degrees C, certainly was.  Redcliffe was contracted by an American Pipe Manufacturer and in an unusual situation, one of Redcliffe’s long standing UK based customers was appointed by the Governorate of Kirkuk as their sole representative.  This operation was a fantastic accreditation to the wealth of experience Redcliffe already have. Redcliffe celebrate almost 25 years of shipping into Iraq.