Arab Regulations & Documentation

We take care of all aspects of Middle East transportation so you don’t have to. Our customised service can include:

Letters of Credit: We deal with the local Chamber of Commerce, Arab Embassies, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Iraqi Embassy, and not only in the UK, but also in other European/Overseas countries.

Bank References: 25 year established relationship with the Jordan International Bank (JIB) and close workings with the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI). We pride ourselves in having a flawless track record in clearing payments and accurate letter of credit presentations.

Bills of Lading: Redcliffe have their own ‘Liner’ Bill of Lading (Red Ocean Line) approved by all International Banks.

Customs Clearance: Within our Group we have our own dedicated clearing office located in Felixstowe which offers assistance with all clearance procedures to include IPR temporary import clearances needed to assist rework of certain commodities.

Inspection: We can assist with arrangements of official Cotecna/SGS/Lloyds cargo inspections as is usually required under Iraqi and Middle Eastern letters of credit.

Export Licences: Assistance with application for Export Licences.

UNICEF: Redcliffe have had experience working with UNICEF on frustrated shipments made during the Iraqi War, meeting with UNICEF and negotiating taking charge of such cargo, re-writing of contracts to satisfy the requirements of UNICEF and the supplier, and arranging the onward movement into Iraq under their care.

Insurance: We can provide Marine, Land and Air Insurance cover (to include War on Land cover if required).