Titanic’s 100th Anniversary Firework Display

May 20, 2012

We gave assistance with firework regulations and advice on the restrictions in Northern Ireland, where the movement of explosive cargos is more than usually sensitive

When fireworks company, The World Famous, from Kent were commissioned to supply fireworks for Titanic’s 100th anniversary they decided to approach Redcliffe for advice on handling overseas explosive shipments.  It was a challenge that Redcliffe were happy to embrace.  The client was conversant with UK regulations and a range of international regulations but, aware of the additional restriction on explosives in NI, they sought expertise from Redcliffe who specialise in explosive cargos.  We gave assistance with firework regulations and advice on the restrictions in Northern Ireland, where the movement of explosive cargoes is more than usually sensitive.

Redcliffe positioned a 20 foot fully wood-lined container at the client’s premises in Kent and then assisted with the loading, blocking and securing the goods inside.  We then arranged delivery via Liverpool Docks for onward shipment to Belfast.  Working closely with our in-country working partners in Belfast, we arranged the collection of the container and put in place the necessary escorts and delivery to the site.  The container remained on the trailer for one week to allow stock to be withdrawn in batches on demand.  Whilst keeping the remaining stock of fireworks in the container and most importantly in a safe place for storage until after the firework display had finished.  The fireworks were shipped on Tuesday 3th April and they arrived at Belfast docks on Wednesday 4th April.

The display was to commemorate the 100 year anniversairy of Titanic’s fatal maiden voyage and was held at the Albert Quay and The Slipways in Belfast, the same place where the Titanic was originally built.  The whole event was created in partnership with The World Famous, Culture Creative and White Light & Seeper.  A complex projection-mapping-show synchronised to fireworks and music opened the new Titanic Belfast venue on the 7 April.  Event Magazine, reporting on the event said the venue was shaped to resemble the hull of the Titanic.  The report went on to say,

“The World Famous is providing the firework display, which will be echoed by projected images drawn in coloured sparks that appear to burst out of the building. Mike Roberts of The World Famous said: “This synchronisation between the projection, fireworks and music is technically challenging but will add a new and original dimension to the event.” Read full Event Magazine story.