Icelandic Seachill Reefer Movements

May 8, 2017

Icelandic Seachill are globally renowned for their production and sale of seafood,  specifically chilled and frozen fish.  A market leader in the UK for many years, they boast further consumer brand success with The Saucy Fish Co., a British brand of fish and sauce meal solutions, growing in popularity and cited as one of the fastest growing brands in UK grocery.

The Brief

Redcliffe started their working relationship with Seachill in 2015, allowing them to utilise their extensive knowledge and experience of reefer movements of foodstuffs overseas.

Providing a Door-to-Door solution for Seachill’s popular fish meals directly to their distributor in the USA, Redcliffe liaise with the USA agent to arrange and complete ISF filing and monitor FDA release locally.  This means Redcliffe can keep Icelandic Seachill updated on all movements up to the final destination.

Facts & Challenges

Icelandic Seachill and The Saucy Fish Co. have extended their export lines to now include Canada, launching with prominent retailer, Loblaws, throughout 349 stores. Following the success with regular USA reefer movements, Redcliffe were invited to assist Icelandic Seachill with a shipping solution for the Loblaws retail partnership, similar to the successful solution applied to USA exports.

The Result

The Saucy Fish Co. can now be seen in many retailers across America such as Publix, Meijer, Wholefoods & Hannafords and also across Canada under the various banners Loblaws operate. The client commented, “Redcliffe were able to provide us with a full Door-to-Door solution to deliver our Fish and Sauce meals directly to our distributor in the USA”. Each shipment was handled by Redcliffe’s seafreight operations team, developing into regular and continual business.

“…. a full door-to-door solution ….. directly to our distributor in the USA”

News of the product launch was reported in FMCG Magazine .  You can discover more about Icelandic Seachill at

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