Sale & Disposal of Explosives

Our dedicated division, Redcliffe Energetics & Defence, offers a wide range of explosive products to a variety of industries including defence & security and demolition. They offer two distinct services;

  1. Sales of explosive products and systems
  2. Explosive destruction and demilitarisation


Our product range includes RDX, PETN, Hexogen plastic explosives, flexible linear cutting charges, flexible sheet explosives, boosters, detonating cords, non electric detonators, black powder, various raw materials used in the manufacture of Energetics, weapon systems and their associated hardware.  Products are available for immediate delivery from bulk “on the shelf” stocks held at our UK explosive storage sites.


We can undertake the disposal of ordnance, explosives and pyrotechnics through detonation and incineration.

Contact or visit the Redcliffe Energetics & Defence website for further information.