Specialist Forwarding

Redcliffe specialises in shipping difficult to move items such as military goods including complex missile systems, vehicles, firearms and explosives. Many of these movements are challenging to move in terms of both the size of items and also the location of origin and destination points. For shipments of military goods, we have vast experience which is essential to understand the intricacies of moving such items across the world, such as the need for transit permits, export and import licences, competent authority documents, port explosives limitations, trans-shipment regulations, liaison with overseas armed forces and police forces, and knowledge of which air and sea carriers will, and will not, carry military items.

We excel at project movements of out-of-gauge pieces from origin points worldwide to difficult interior destinations in countries across the world on a door to door basis, covering a combination of heavy duty mobile cranes and lift plans for large pieces, specialist low loader road transporters, hire of barges, and Redcliffe attendance.

We have been providing bespoke sea, air, and road services to Iraq since before the Gulf War, via various entry points (Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, and direct to Umm Qasr) with constant flexibility according to pertaining security and congestion issues, and complying with the complicated documentation requirements of both banks and the United Nations

With our long history of chartering for both military cargo and out-of-gauge project cargo, Redcliffe have excellent in-house knowledge of both aircraft chartering and ship chartering. Over the years we have built up trusted relationships with ship owners and air carriers. Included in the service, if required, is cargo inspection and loading supervision in order to ensure that the goods loaded are not damaged in transit, we have in-depth knowledge of stowage planning, segregation and separation requirements for explosives, and of stevedoring and shipwright operations. All charter operations are handled personally by very experienced directors and / or senior managers.