Spectre-tacular Explosions

October 30, 2015

imageFollowing the recent premiere of the latest Bond movie, Redcliffe can reveal that they supplied the explosives used in the special effects for the film’s finale in blowing up the MI6 building with Robin Phillips from Redcliffe’s Energetics division working closely with their Special Effects team. The amazing effect was achieved using a 20 metres high model of the MI6 building, which was rigged with explosive charges, including some on scissor lifts around the base at strategic points. These would then collapse  on detonation to simulate the entire collapse of the building. Setting up the charges at Pinewood took a whole day, with filming at night.  The Vauxhall area surrounding the real MI6 was filmed beforehand using five different camera angles and then superimposed in with the model to achieve a truly realistic result. As Director Sam Mendes himself says on the official 007 website “The tradition of Bond is always real stunts, real action, real explosions…”